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BrainWorx - A Woman's Worxhop, Brisbane 2021.


Youth Co:Lab class of 2021

Accelerating change in Asia Pacific with SPRINGBOARD PLUS!

Great to join the young social entrepreneurs at the @YouthCoLab, an initiative co-led by UNDP and Citi Foundation!

Looking forward to the Springboard Plus Programme organized together with the #AcceleratingAsia team to learn more about mobilising resources for the SDGs. #youthcolab

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EI8HT GOALS is a social enterprise intermediary incubator for small businesses or SME’s where we provide access to tools, knowledge, business mentoring and networking opportunities where businesses can improve their marketability through targeted marketing regimes, branding, personal development, professional development and more.

We focus specifically on early start-up businesses from ideation phase through to planning and execution or implementation. With our extensive networks around the globe, we also offer ongoing mentoring which will change the dynamics of how you think, work and act.

We have different modules you can choose from where we will work with you to develop a programme that suits your time schedule and needs.

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EI8HT SPORTS is a brand which hopes to encourage aspiring athletes to be strong, independent and resilient not only on the court or field but in life's everyday circumstances, challenges and personal battles on and off the playing turf.

Benefits of compression gear improve blood circulation in the body up to 4x as much than without wearing compressions. That means, oxygenated blood can get to working muscles faster improving recovery time.

Not only for sports, compressions are also used in hospital settings to improve recovery post-surgery and during flights to reduce Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) a serious condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein located deep inside your body.

We use physical recovery to support and advocate for mental health recovery.


Our Youth CO:Lab Journey

Esmeralda Lo Tam began her Youth Entrepreneurship journey through Youth Co:Lab in 2018 in Samoa. Pitching her start up idea in through an initiative supported by Samoa Chamber of Commerce, UNDP and the Citi Foundation, she made the top 5 Youth entrepreneurship ideas and progressed to represent Samoa in the Asia and Pacific region in China raising awareness on suicide and mental health in the Pacific.

From that experience, Esmeralda was a finalist and the only Pacific winner to advance to the final stages.  She travelled across the region to promote youth entrepreneurship through elevating the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2018 she launched EI8HT SPORTS, her own social enterprise, and has been using her brand to promote mental health in the Pacific and beyond. In 2020, she launched her second social enterprise, EI8HT GOALS whose underlying goal is to see poverty reduced in the Asia and Pacific Region, and also the implementation of quality sanitation in all areas providing basic human needs for people in marginalized and rural areas globally.

Learn more about Esmeralda's Youth Co:Lab journey

EI8HT Workshops

As a social enterprize, we started our journey in Samoa, where we spoke about a need for change in the space of acceptance and understanding for mental health ailments. We have made it our mission to continue teaching about mental health and working to improve health literacy of Pacific people to minimize stigma around depression and anxiety but more so improve quality of life as well as life expectancy for our Pacific and the Pacific diaspora.

I have found Es to be a wonderful leader and very interested and passionate about the causes that she takes a part in.

Esmeralda is both driven and genuinely cares for the causes that she is involved in.  She will make a wonderful addition to what ever team she is a part of.

Shurti Kumar (Physiotherapist, Suva FIJI)

Because of EI8HT SPORTS, I’ve been given the opportunity to network with people across the world, some as far as Kenya.  I wouldn’t have known about these projects and these places and people had it not been for EI8HT SPORTS or Esmeralda, and for that I am really lucky, because I have been given the chance to open up these meaningful conversations that we really need to be talking about, gender empowerment, the criminal justice system, human rights, climate change.

Olive Ongoongo (Aspiring Entrepreneur, Melbourne AUSTRALIA)

On behalf of UNOSSC, I would like to transmit a Letter of Appreciation, and a Certificate of Recognition, attached herewith, for your contribution to the “South-South Entrepreneurship Academy on Building Global Citizenship and Harnessing Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindset Through South-South Cooperation - Cohort on Sports and Entrepreneurship” on 5-6 December 2020. Thank you once again for your generous support!

Youth Programme Coordinator Asia-Pacific Regional Office United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (Bangkok, THAILAND)

As a full time mother and a teacher, it means you’re on your feet for the longest period of time...my calves have been stretched to the limit for quite sometime so I decided to reach out to Raldy for some compression wear. I couldn’t believe how much difference these things can do to my calves and arms. It reduced the aches and pain immensely. I wear them everyday now

Rita Ah Kau (Mother & Teacher, Auckland, NZ)

Beautiful compression wear! I have the red arm compressions and they fit perfectly! The design and quality speaks volumes about how much time, thought, creativity and innovation went in to creating such unique pieces. You will not be disappointed!

Margaret Simeki (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)

More then just a brand!!!

Khanui Cox (TRL Athlete, Brisbane AUSTRALIA)

So I have varicose veins from being on my feet all the time when I worked in sports. I didn't realise that I had terrible circulation and my calf muscles were fatiguing faster than normal especially when I'm working out and hiking.

To my annoyance none of the known brands of compression clothing had a size big enough for my calf muscles. I reached out to Raldy and she got me a pair for so cheap I wondered at the quality. Well now I wear my Ei8ght sports compression everywhere. And the difference is crazy! I would recommend them to all my health professionals and DEFINITELY to my peeps who are developing varicose veins.

Thanks Raldy! My road to sexy calf muscles has begun

Mathew Amituana'i (Physiotherapist, Apia SAMOA)

Great customer service with quick responses and several delivery options which worked well for Xmas gifts. Fantastic quality and practicality - and of course designs! Thanks EI8HT Sports!

Leata Roberts (Pacific Trade & Invest, Sydney AUSTRALIA)

Compression gear for recovery & preformance

Social enterprize support for social good

Mental health workshops for the Pacific diaspora